Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Jester Went to the Liberry in Jest

Word play. Do any of my writerly friends out there enjoy that? Sometimes I do to a fault, especially just to see if anyone’s paying attention. Recently I purposely misspelled ‘library’ as ‘liberry’ in an email to some folks who should realize that I intentionally did that. What followed was a snowball-rolling-downhill event I couldn’t have anticipated.

Them (the email-ee): That’s not correct. The word is ‘library’, not ‘liberry’.

Me (the email-er): Yes, thank you, I know. I wrote that in jest.

And here is where things began to proceed along an out-of-hand path, as one of the people who was cc’d (Aside #1—we use the abbreviation ‘cc’, which originally meant ‘carbon copied’ to indicate someone else who would receive an actual, physical carbon copy of the original text. My problem is, I know I can write ‘carbon copied’, but I don’t know if cc’d, to represent ‘carbon copied’ is correct.) responded with: You jest what?

Me: I jest wrote that in jest.
Them: No, you can’t do that, using ‘jest’ for ‘just’.
CC-er: Was it just to use ‘jest’ for ‘just’?
Me: Oh, most certainly. And as far as liberry goes, and I do so wish that the spell-check thingy would not put that red squiggly underneath ‘liberry’, when I looked up liberry online I got many hits. It’s annoying.
Them: That’s not all that’s annoying.
CC-er: Hits? How so?
Me: There is a blog called Love the Liberry at And that’s not all. Someplace in Alaska they’re having a LiBerry Music Festival & Berry Pie Throwdown. Sounds like a perfect combo of pies and literature.
CC-er: Righto. I’m a-goin’.
Them: That’s horrible. All those pie-eating people can’t spell library.
Me: But don’t you see what they’re doing? It’s what kids say—liberry. They know it’s not truly liberry. It’s supposed to be funny. Besides, there’ll be pies.
Them: There’s nothing funny about the English language.
Me: That’s because you’re not getting to the gist of the whole thing. Just because you don’t get the gist does not take away from the fact that this has been all in jest.
Them: You’re insane.
Me: Quite.
Them: Quiet.

Keep writing, friends.

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