Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Where the Heck are We?

And that is a major question for me at this point of sweeping up in my novel. Been through two or three edits and revisions, sweeping up. The next process is to figure out exactly where everything is in my world I've created.

To say I've been all over the map is pretty accurate. My alternate world is based on some actual locations on Earth. A past Earth. And what I have to do now is make a series of maps for all the places I've created. This is especially important for me as I'm a visual thinker. I'm also a non-sequential thinker, so stuff is everywhere.

I'm thinking out loud here, but this could prove helpful for my writer friends who have created their own environment. One of the things I'll be doing is to read through my manuscript, sketching the relative locations of places--buildings, forests, which way roads run, lakes, mountains, etc. And if I have someone's home as down the road to the right in relation to someone else's home, that must be consistent. If a forest lies northeast from a village, I can't have it be southwest.

I have three main locations where things happen. I'll need a moderately detailed map of each of those locations. I also need a larger map, the 30,000 foot view, so to speak, where I see the bigger picture of how those three places lie in relation to each other.

Okay, well, here I go. I'll post more info as I progress. I hope these ramblings are helpful to any and all out there.

Keep writing, friends.

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