Thursday, September 24, 2015

I'm of Two Minds...No, We're Not...

I'm one of those writers (yep, one of those) who doesn't write in one particular style. I have my whimsical style, which most of you folks see. I also have a serious style, which will show up before long as I'm completing my first novel. Then, there's this thing that happens randomly, this regurgitation of words in a sing-songish/Dr. Seussian/Shel Silverstein style, where I'll have words popping out all rhyme-like. Like this:

Why I Rhyme...I don't use would be a crime...

See what I mean? And this is why I don't do poetry. It ain't pretty, and I have no control over it.

After the vernal equinox
We'll rearrange our clocks
Then after the equinox vernal comes
On our doors spring will knock

This one bubbled to the surface while driving to work this morning. No, I wasn't using my silly-phone or writing anything while driving, it was all just automatically happening in my noggin.

The words just come out this way, and I don't know why...hey hey...

Bouncing a SuperBall
In the hall
Against a wall

And see, it's always bad. It's as though I have these word spasms, and then, like hiccups (or hiccouphs), I'll be okay. Or as okay as I ever get.

Here's one from a while back, where I combine two or more TV themes:

(to The Brady Bunch theme)

Here's the story
Of a boy named Timmy
And he fell down a very deep well
Then along came
A dog named Lassie
And everything was swell

Okay, feeling better now.
Not really sure how.
Stop it!

Any of my other crazy writer friends out there do stuff like this? Hate to think I'm the only nut job writing this way...hey hey.

'til next time...Adios.

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